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Berylium2 Upgrade In Progress

Thanks for your interest in the Berylium project! The codebase is currently being rewritten and optimized, a project generally known as Berylium2. This document outlines some of the new features being developed for the next release.

New For Be2!
  • Integration with existing website.
    Easily mix dynamic content with static content! Be2 uses Apache's awesome mod_rewrite engine to transparently handle requests for files that "don't exist".
  • Publish via FTP.
    A full FTP-based publishing engine is built-in, a must for high-volume sites. This also means you can create objects on a development server and then push them to a production server via FTP.
  • XHTML-compliant rendering.
    All Berylium contexts (smart templates) and parsers are being rewritten for full compliance with XHTML 1.0 (Transitional). Customizing your Berylium site is now as easy as changing the stylesheet-- see the CSS Zen Garden as an example of the power of this approach.
  • Backwards data compatibility.
    Change the code, keep the data. It's one of the principles to which Be2 development must adhere.
  • New file-handling support (just wait!)
  • Better, faster, stronger. More fun.

By Chris Snyder on May 27, 2003 at 2:38pm

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