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Berylium As Mailing List Manager?

Meet Sendbot. Every minute, he scans your Berylium site for new messages -- mostly comments people leave on your documents, images, and et cetera. If anyone is subscribed to receive the messages he finds, he sends them out, one at a time, custom processed with valid list headers and unsubscription information.

Sendbot is only one-half of a mailing list manager, some would say the easy half. His compliment, Postbot, has yet to be written-- although she exists in a less flexible form in the Fotola image server, which will accept image posts via email.

Postbot is much less of a priority at the moment than Sendbot was, but the lure of moblogging will keep her from getting pushed into oblivion. How cool is it to be able to post to the web from your mobile phone, or even to CC: your weblog on some email announcement for later editing?

Pretty cool, I'd say. Maybe not something you'll do all the time, but how often are you just out in the world and you think, "Oooh, I need to make a note of that." Anything that frees me from my desk is a welcome addition to my toolset.

But enough rambling. Leave a comment. I'll get it within a minute thanks to Sendbot. Over.

By Chris Snyder on June 11, 2003 at 6:43pm

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