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Whither Goest Thou, Berylium?

Always one step ahead and about five steps aside of where people want to be, Berylium is about to turn another corner with the development of a Networked Object Environment, or NOE, code name beNoe.

Just kidding.

Berylium the software package is on hiatus, and versions hosted at this site are, as they always will be, experimental. Drop me an email if you need anything.

The ultimate goal of Berylium is to be an online object environment for AMP, an open library with which to build web applications of any shape, size, and scope, invoked with the simplicity and power of PHP.

It is also to be a content management system useful enough for serious documentary work but appealing enough for everyday journaling.

The object model must be flexible enough to allow for creation of immersive, multiuser, multimedia environments which can be built from the inside, without being tied to a particular browser or even client model.

As such it must be completely scriptable. Communication between objects happens on a loggable message queue. The entire state of every request can be queued and logged as necessary.

There's a bunch of other requirements, such as content licensing and fine-grained access control. Boring stuff. The key to understanding where Berylium is going is in the object model, and in the direction of multimedia -- just as it always has been.

By Chris Snyder on November 24, 2003 at 6:22pm

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