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What is berylium?
Berylium is a set of freely-available server-scripts and templates that allow you to create and manage content-rich websites using just your browser.

Berylium is:
open source

Your berylium site is dynamic, which means that content is stored in a database and rendered into fixed templates by the webserver. You can change the look of a folder or the entire site at any time by making the change in one template.

It is expandable -- add new contexts to render data in different ways, add new subsites to better control access and organization, add whole new classes of objects, develop new code.

It is collaborative: you can work on a site with a whole team of people. The are several default levels of access, which can be changed or expanded for your site via the policy files.

It is compatible: your content can be edited and published in any number of customizable templates, so it is easy to serve your site in html, plain-text, xml, wap, or whatever formats you and your viewers require.

It is secure: berylium uses an encrypted connection (ssl) when you log on, view a private object, or do any writing or editing.

Berylium is open source, and licensed for use under the Gnu Public License.

By Chris Snyder on June 29, 2002 at 8:38pm

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