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About the Developers

Who we are and why we do this to ourselves.

Berylium2 Upgrade In Progress

Thanks for your interest in the Berylium project! The codebase is currently being rewritten and optimized, a project generally known as Berylium2. This document outlines some of the new features being developed for the next release.

Berylium Software License (Gnu Public License)

Berylium is Copyright ©2002,2003 Chris Snyder

This program is free software, released with absolutely no warranty or guarantee of support. You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. Read this full document for explicit details.

More information on the GNU General Public License.

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Body and Shine 2002

"Body and Shine 2002" is the code name for the current thrust of berylium development, leading up to a 1.0 release that should be usable by people I don't personally know.

Broad goals of this phase of development are just a click away...


The BSD Daemon, or as I call him, the Berkeley System Daemon....

Content Creation and Management

Creating content with Berylium is simple: anyone who can use webmail can create and edit documents and images on a Berylium site.

Content-management is a little more specialized, but still easy for non-techies to understand and use effectively. Published objects can be made available to members only, moved from folder to folder, featured or archived, or even just left alone.

Programming Berylium

Berylium programming is, of course, fiendishly complex. But in a friendly, powerful way that allows developers to mix HTML, PHP, SQL, Javascript and CSS in a structured, context-dependent fashion. Berylium separates content from logic from display, but also encourages logic and display to coexist sometimes. Smart templates (called "Contexts") interpret and render the objects handed to them by the database.

Who Is Using Berylium?

Right now the list is small and limited to sites set-up and maintained by the developer, but they give you some idea of the breadth of customization possible.
And this site, of course.

Why Berylium Is Open Source

Berylium is free software, and the source code is available for free as well. Here are my reasons why.

This is the last page of Introduction.

Introduction: a folder

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