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About the Developers

Who we are and why we do this to ourselves.

Berylium was conceived and written by Chris Snyder, a website developer living in New York City. Chris began building websites in Los Angeles in 1996. His first commercial gig was a pilot site for MTV's "The Real World" (Miami) which pioneered the use of episodic and bonus content on a reality TV website.

After a few years' flirtation with TV-internet convergence and dot com startups, Chris decided to devote his life to creating an open-source web publishing system that non-technical people could understand, one that individuals and organizations could use to manage dense, interactive, media-rich websites. Berylium has been in development since April, 2001.

At various times, Chris has studied journalism, anthropology, video production, network security, vr photography, market research, modelmaking, radio broadcasting, theme park operations, plumbing, database administration, screenwriting, and electronics. He works odd jobs and runs CHXO, a micro-ISP for friends and family.

Chris is currently the sole Berylium developer, and is waiting patiently for the day when someone will come along and offer to implement an XML parser or an install script or something.

By Chris Snyder on January 4, 2003 at 9:13pm

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