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Body and Shine 2002

"Body and Shine 2002" is the code name for the current thrust of berylium development, leading up to a 1.0 release that should be usable by people I don't personally know.

Broad goals of this phase of development are just a click away...

The goal of "Body and Shine" is to bring the berylium codebase out of its obscure and temperamental infancy and into the world of user applications.
  • A standard, well-defined interface.
    You can customize it all you want, but it will look good and work right out of the box.
  • Predictable object behaviour.
    This means policies, contexts, and the base code working together to ensure that sitemember roles are enforced with regard to rank, status, and public settings, and that you can safely apply a host of standard actions (edit, move, etc) to all objects.
  • Robust and scalable.
    It has to work quickly and often. Also, an anonymous view of the site must be easily mirrorable via ftp. Berylium should be able to act as an application on a workstation or local fileserver, and publish public-post objects to one or more remote websites. (Although dynamic features won't work so well that way, but that's for version 2...)
  • Just the basics
    Someday soon (anyone else want to fund the next round?) we'll have audio, video, HTML newsletters, advertisements, product catalogs with products, polls and quizzes. All sorts of things are possible and even relatively easy to create once the basic system is in place. For now, you'll get sites, sitemembers, folders, documents, images, contexts and comments.
All of these goals met, and we'll be at version 1.0, which is code that I feel is ready for public consumption and production use by commercial entities, but more likely to be used for personal and non-profit use because it lacks the hardcore money makin' features that commerce requires. Maybe we'll call the next phase of development "Cha-ching!"

Specific Featureset: (in no particular order)

Spell Check - done
Move and duplicate objects - done
Split long object lists onto multiple pages - done
User preferences (font-size!) - done
Session preferences (role!) - done
BML Documented - done
Easy setup and upgrade (given asparagus-class server) - done-ish, there should be a shell script
Editorial interface standard - done (and redone!)
Icons - done
Public site mirror via FTP - pushed to 2.0
Image editing (resize, crop) - done
Dynamic, per folder contexts - done
Local static contexts, per site - done
Correctly GPL'd - done
Keyword object search - done
Email notification of comments left - done

That's a big list. As of right now, we're only partway there but berylium has come a long way since the version that debuted on beweird.com in November, 2001.

By Chris Snyder on July 18, 2002 at 12:46am

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