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Adding RSS Newsfeeds to Entries

You can add an RSS newsfeed, updated twice a day, to any Berylium field that supports BML -- which means just about every textarea.

How? Use [rss:newsfeedUrl].

The full syntax is:
The template list is TBD, the default is jsxhtml but jssidebar is nice. I'll update this list when more become available.

MaxItems is simply the maximum number of items to be displayed from the newsfeed. The default is 10, which is actually a little much. 5 or 6 might be better unless you're including a feed with lots of new stories daily.

For a sampling of newsfeeds to play with, see http://syndic8.com, or the RSS Newsfeed link at the bottom of every Berylium folder.

Here's a sample of this folder's newsfeed:

By Chris Snyder on June 19, 2003 at 12:42am

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