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Aug 05, 2003:

Working With Contexts

This document is a work-in-progress. If you need more information please contact me and I'll be happy to expand on it.

Jun 25, 2003:

Properties Generated By getRuntimeVars()

Your Berylium object has been loaded from the database, and a slew of URLs has been generated for it for use within various namespaces, but it still may not be ready for rendering.

Who created it? Is the date formatted correctly? Does it have an icon, a copyright? All of these questions are answered when you call the getRuntimeVars() method in your contexts.

Properties Generated By getBaseUrl()

Berylium objects exist in the database, outside of any sort of defined namespace. One of the tasks that is carried out on each object as it is loaded into memory is that the getBaseUrl() method is called on it, to build a set of URLs that can be used to refer to the object within your contexts.

As a developer, it is important to have some idea which namespace to use in what situations-- should you use $this->staticUrl or $this->baseUrl? This document will serve as a definitive guide.

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