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BML Quick Reference

This is a quick guide to BML, the berylium markup language, an HTML replacement for user-driven sites. For an in-depth introduction, please see the BML Guide.

[link:url;text of link]
url is the web address you want to link to, like http://somesite.com/cats.htm
text of link is the text to use in creating the link. If text of link is not provided, the url is used instead.
New: You can leave out link: and just say [http://example.com/index.html]. Works same as above, otherwise.

Sample 1: [link:http://encielo.org/index.php;click here for encielo]:
click here for encielo

Sample 2: [link:http://moveon.org] (no text):

Text Formatting:

[bold:text to be bold]
Sample: [bold:this is bold]: this is bold.
New: [b:text] also works.

[italic:text to be italic]
Sample: [italic:this is italic]: this is italic.
New: [i:text] also works.

[quote:text to be in blockquote format]
Sample: [quote:this is a blockquote, it is set off from other text and has wider margins]:
this is a blockquote, it is set off from other text and has wider margins

Special Characters:

Copyright symbol
Sample: [copy:]2002: ©2002

A text "bullet" (creates a new line)
Sample: [bullet:]First point:
  • First point

    [bracket:text to be bracketed]
    Sample: [bracket:this text is in brackets]: [this text is in brackets]

    The image tag takes either the URL of an external image or the berylium id number of an image in the database. You can find the id number by mousing over the image icon on the view-image page, it may also be listed in other places.

    [image:4] -- same as [image:4;center;160x120]
    [image:4;label] -- link to image as label
    [image:4;icon] -- link to image as inline icon (24x18 proportional)
    [image:4;left] -- image full size to left of text
    [image:4;right] -- image full size to right of text
    [image:4;center] -- image full size, centered on its own line
    [image:4;center;320x240] -- image scaled propotionally to fit 320x240, centered on its own line
    [image:http://foo.com/bar.jpg;left] -- external image full size to left of text
    [image:http://foo.com/bar.jpg;left;320x240] -- external image at 320x240 to left of text

    Note on image sizing: berylium image objects will be sized proportionally to fit within the imaginary box traced by widhthxheight, but external images are scaled to the exact dimensions, and so may look distorted if you aren't careful with your math.

    Sample: [image:http://berylium.org/bicons/blogo-label-48x48.png]:
    external image
    Image Title
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