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Documents are used for storing written information: articles, essays, journal entries, and so forth. Berylium is somewhat document-centric by default-- that is, it assumes that you will be publishing most of your content as documents.

Image TitleDocuments can (and should!) include links to external webpages, links to other documents, and inline images.

You can insert these links and images into the document body using bml, the Berylium Markup Language. BML uses square brackets [...] and special codes that tell berylium to format text a certain way or insert an image or link.

is, unfortunately, . Here's a few reasons why.

Members (people who have registered at your website) can add their own comments at the bottom of documents. In this way, berylium acts like a simple message board. You could even use a document to start a discussion on some topic like they do on big, expensive message boards!

By Document Author on June 29, 2002 at 10:37pm

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