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How To Use googleimage

Mega search-engine Google.com maintains a searchable image database of publicly indexed images that Google's robots find on the internet. You can search this database of Google'd images at http://images.google.com.

Berylium allows you to use results from a Google Images search as a sort of shorthand for linking to another webpage via an image. This is sometimes known a visual-blogging or just vblogging.

This document will explain how to use this sweet new feature.

Placing a hyperlinked thumbnail from a Google Image search in one of your posts is a 5-step process.
  1. Open this URL in a new tab or window: http://images.google.com/

  2. Use keywords to search for images

  3. When you find the image you want to use, right-click on it, and choose "Copy Shortcut" (IE) or "Copy Link Location" (Mozilla)

  4. Return to your Berylium window and type the following, pasting in the URL where it says paste-url-here:

  5. When you update your post, you see the thumbnail image, linked to the same splitscreen page you would get if you clicked on it from the thumbnail search results.

Important: make sure that you copy the Shortcut or Link location, and not the Image location. The address of the image is encoded in the link.

An Example

Image from Google Cache

The above was created with just the following tag, although I've abbreviated the url here so it doesn't make the page real wide:

The actual URL that you are copy-and-pasting looks something like this:

Advanced Use
If you'd like to make the image appear without the link, such as when you want to link to the page in accompanying text, the syntax is this:

Using the example above with ;nolink after the URL gives us this:
Image from Google Cache
See? No link.

By Chris Snyder on February 5, 2003 at 8:06pm

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