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Jan 29, 2005:

Be2 Supports rel="nofollow" In Comments

As a stop-gap measure against comment spam in be2 sites, I hacked in rel="nofollow" support, and turned it on for all links (HTML or BML) in comments.

If someone posts a link in a comment, and you want Google's Crawler to follow it, please copy it back into your Document where it belongs.

I'm surprised that Googlebot even found comment pages, since they are behind a javascript: link, but they must be linked from other sites.

Nov 24, 2003:

Whither Goest Thou, Berylium?

Always one step ahead and about five steps aside of where people want to be, Berylium is about to turn another corner with the development of a Networked Object Environment, or NOE, code name beNoe.

Just kidding.

Berylium the software package is on hiatus, and versions hosted at this site are, as they always will be, experimental. Drop me an email if you need anything.

Aug 18, 2003:

Fun with Searching and Sorting

Now you can search all the content objects of a Berylium site from one page. Enter a few keywords and get back all of the documents, images, audios, sitemembers or folders that match.

You can also filter searches on a number of keys, including author and license terms. This will expand soon to include created or updated date, object type or flavor, and publishing status.

On a related note, document archives and image galleries are now sortable-- just click on a column heading (title, author, created) to sort on that column.

Aug 08, 2003:


Everybody loves a screenshot gallery. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and let your eyes wonder!

Aug 04, 2003:

Edit HTML files with Berylium

Thanks to the brilliant folks at interactivetools.com, and the Mozilla Midas project, I'm pleased to offer in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editing using htmlArea 3!

Now you can attach a formatted web page to any Berylium document or folder, and edit it online without knowing anything (or much of anything) about HTML.

Jul 30, 2003:

Content Management for the Ear

A simple audio-capable webblog may be the perfect way to build a full-length, radio-style programs, instantly distributable to listeners worldwide. Sound good to you?

Jun 25, 2003:

Slideshow Basics and Flash Support

I'm hacking away at Berylium2, seeing the first release at the end of the tunnel. The latest updates allow for Prev/Next item links on all objects, Flash support in images (no such thing as a Flash thumbnail, though, darnit), and the ability to announce new documents and images to all subscribers.

Oh, and I've been looking for a new apartment.

Jun 17, 2003:

More Updates: RSS and Uplinks

Live and direct from the Web Applications as Content Waypoints School, Berylium2 took a big step toward release day with the reworking of some very important features: uplinking via XML-RPC and RSS newsfeed rendering via Feedsplitter.

Jun 11, 2003:

Berylium As Mailing List Manager?

Meet Sendbot. Every minute, he scans your Berylium site for new messages -- mostly comments people leave on your documents, images, and et cetera. If anyone is subscribed to receive the messages he finds, he sends them out, one at a time, custom processed with valid list headers and unsubscription information.

Jun 09, 2003:

Gratuitous Image

Here's a photo I took last Friday at Coney Island. I'm not...

Jun 06, 2003:

Attach One, Publish Many

Over and over I repeat this to myself. Attach one, publish many. What does it mean?

Jun 05, 2003:

Cracked the FTP Nut

The latest pre-release of Berylium2 transparently publishes static versions of all public objects to your webroot via FTP, and cleans up after itself as you move those objects around or delete them. It's called FTP Mirroring and it makes for fast page views.

May 27, 2003:


I've updated the site to a more fully-functioning be2, and I'll be cleaning things up over the next few days. In case you're wondering what's going on, the info is here and here.

May 21, 2003:

Various Divs

Berylium2 uses a very lightweight XHTML layout by default, and it is divided up into three main sections: Header, Content and Menu.

This document contains notes about those sections, so that you can create your own be2 stylesheets.

Jun 29, 2002:

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