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berylium-2002-09-13 Released!

Big list of new features as we fine-tune berylium for 1.0!
Get it here.

When I posted the tarball I nearly forgot about the biggest addition in this release. No, it's not the new sitemember preferences page where you can set the Font Factor to make text render larger. No, it's not the new debug mode or the ability to turn on Standard Contexts at any time (as an editor). And it's not even the new internal runtimeVars for each object (that make it easier to write custom contexts).

Nope, biggest new feature that nearly slid in under the radar is subscribing to documents, so that new comments will be copied to your email.

It's still a bit experimental, but it's a huge step conceptually, becuase it puts some real teeth into the comments system. I've only written about 80 documents so far on various berylium sites, and already I despair at having to look in on them all in order to see any messages people might have left. But if I get an email whenever some hapless surfer stumbles onto one of my posts and has something to say about it, my inbox might be fuller but at least I'll know.

Besides, you can always unsubscribe from hot discussions!

By Chris Snyder on September 13, 2002 at 6:44pm

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