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Announcing the release of berylium-2002-06-29, the first ever berylium source code release!

Features available in this initial release include:
Folders, Documents, Images, Sitemembers, Comments, Weblogs, the Berylium Markup Language, and three levels of access to objects (anonymous, member, and editor).

Berylium is also ready for the Virtual Server with this release. It's easy to create multiple berylium sites using one codebase and database.

Major features still to be implemented before milestone (1.0) release:
Moving objects from folder to folder
Splitting object lists onto multiple pages
Comment management contexts for editors
Custom context and policy creation for site admins
Cacheing and Mirroring (via FTP) of the public/posted objects in a site
Import and Export of objects via XML

Of those items, Chris says that the custom contexts and policies are probably the most important to other people, so they aren't stuck with the plain berylium-blue look on their sites. But I say start creating content now-- you can always change the look later!!!

By Psydeshow on June 29, 2002 at 9:51pm

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