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berylium-2002-07-21 released

This minor release allows a much finer degree of editorial control over all objects, including the ability to move them from folder to folder. Hooray!

the berylbulbA big player in the interface update is our new friend, the berylbulb. Each object is displayed with its own lightbulb, which glows more as the rank gets higher.

It also changes color depending on the status: blue is new, posted is yellow, and hidden is grey. Private BerylbulbAnd when an object is private, the berylbulb's background turns green, like in this example.

Also in this release, all view and index contexts have been standardized so that they are consistent (I hope!) in what information they display and how you can interact with the objects.

In the next release, create and edit contexts will be updated as well.

Finally, objects are indexed in any folder based on the rank of that folder. A folder ranked 1000 will only index items ranked 1000 (flashing bulb) from subfolders (along with any items ranked 100 or more directly within it).

This means that a folder ranked 100 will list any item in any of its subfolders with a rank of 100 or better. Be sure to set your mid-level folders to 500 so they will be more selective about what they list.

By Psydeshow on July 21, 2002 at 6:55pm

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