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Mar 27, 2003: Built With Berylium

Get your imageblog on!

For an example of cutting-edge Berylium development, look no further than, a free service that lets you create your own online photographic journal.

Development on the site started about 20 days ago, and it's in beta testing while I write the documentation. I'm not sure that anyone else could develop this quickly with Berylium, but it is possible.

Check out the companion site, for GPL'd source code. That's right, you can use Fotola and Berylium to build your own imageblogging community. Or use it as the basis for an even more ambitious project.

Mar 04, 2003:

A Bug Stompin' Good Time

Berylium-2003-03-04 is released today, with a gajillion bug fixes, performance optimizations, and an upgraded policy system. If you run your own, download this important update from the release page. Otherwise, read on for the news...

Feb 08, 2003:

Fresh New Policy Logic In Place

I nearly had a breakdown the other day when I discovered a way to edit someone else's documents as a member. This is the sort of thing that should never, ever happen in a computer system, and there I was, unhappily defacing my own site.

Well, I'm a little humbled, but proud to say that the incident led to a redesign and simplification of the policies system, which will ultimately result in per-folder policies that can be as simple or as complex as you like. It's also about ten times easier to write safe contexts-- it's actually hard now to make your scripts violate the default policy. The changes are in dev, and I expect to hoist a release within the next two days.

Jan 13, 2003:

Berylium Displays RSS/RDF Newsfeeds

Thanks to the inclusion of fase4's RDF Parser, Berylium users can now insert an RSS newsfeed into any BML capable text field, using the syntax [rss:newsfeedURL;optionlist]. Additional options may be specified to control the number of items displayed, the size of descriptions, and whether or not to display channel information.

Read on for a few examples...

Jan 05, 2003:

It spellchecks!

First release of the New Year comes charging at you bearing the golden-toned god Aspell in a boilerplate chariot... that's right kids, spell check is now a standard feature on most textareas. Want to see how it works? Post a comment to this newsflash.

Want the source? Get it from the release page.

Jan 04, 2003:

Challenging the Paradigm With Rooms

The latest versions of Berylium include a new folder flavor called rooms. You can see some pretty prime examples of rooms at, where they are being developed.

The groundbreaking concept is this: what if you rendered objects in a folder as layers, and allowed them to be positioned via javascript drag-n-drop? And then allowed them to be shown or hidden over time? Rooms give the editor complete control over how objects are positioned on the webpage in both space and time.

Sep 20, 2002:

The Power to Serve

I'm quite pleased to announce that is now powered by FreeBSD, and qualifies once more as an Asparagus-class server. Expect some brokenness in the next 36-48 hours as I rearrange the furniture in our new home.

ChuckSpecial thanks to my hosting provider John Capo of IRBS Engineering for giving up the last watt of his cellphone in order to get everything up and running. And thanks to the many many FreeBSD contributors who make this OS run like clockwork. Wow.

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