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What You See Is What You Get


Berylium supports online editing of HTML attachments with a free WYSIWYG editor known as htmlArea. You aren't forced to edit your documents in a tiny little textarea (although you can if you want to, of course!).

Strictly speaking, Berylium document objects are plain-text only, and formatted using a custom markup language that can be translated to plain-text, WAP, or any other markup language.

One can, however, attach an HTML file to a document, and request that it be inline, as part of the page (it can also completely replace the Berylium page for super customizations).

htmlArea is great, because when you copy-and-paste from another website, the text retains its formatting: images, links and all! Very convenient for weblogging or copying press clippings.

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By Chris Snyder on August 8, 2003 at 8:49pm

Source: berylium.org

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