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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. This went through three humbling revisions but seems to be working well now. Grab the tarball from:

Be sure to follow the instructions in UPGADE.txt if you are updating from an earlier release.

Changes in this release are legion (this has been coming for a while:)

- Session prefs
- Sitemember prefs (see the new Font Factor setting)
- CSS munging for Netscape4.x
- new runtime vars call (see docs/runtimevars.txt if you create your own templates-- it just got a little easier.)
- editors/writers will see db contexts if you use them

- As noted below :-) -- Members may now "subscribe" to any object that accepts comments in order to be copied (bcc:) via email when someone adds a new comment.

By Chris Snyder on September 13, 2002 at 5:53pm

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