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Oh boy, we got a little funky on the UI this week. Grab the source at http://berylium.org/source/berylium-2002-09-20.tar.gz, and click through for the official changelist!

Changes since last week:

  • Many, many updates to the standard/editorial UI
  • Bugfixen re: documents referencing themselves (wow, I've never seen PHP go wobbly like that, neat!)
  • Bugfix where standardContext=1 didn't turn of dbcontexts
  • Ability to hide deleted comments as editor/admin
  • New artwork folder (berylium/artwork) with Gimp xcfs of (some/all future) berylium artwork.
  • BML image handling upgrade
  • By Chris Snyder on September 20, 2002 at 11:29pm

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