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Berylium Release Procedure

I maintain a CVS repository of the berylium source code on my home server, from which I create snapshot releases about once a week.

Here's how it goes:
cvs tag berylium-2002-07-21-a berylium
cd ~/tmp
cvs export -r berylium-2002-07-21-a berylium
tar czvf berylium-2002-07-21.tar.gz berylium
rm -rfv berylium
Then I copy the tarball to my workstation and upload it to the source directory at berylium.org.

At that point, I ssh into berylium.org and follow the instructions in UPGRADE.TXT to ugrade the existing code. There needs to be a better upgrade script that ensures that stale files get deleted-- it would be bad to have a bunch of outmoded contexts lying around.

Then I add a Notice to the Source Folder that links to the tarball and has some information about changes, issues, etc.

Finally, I add a more descriptive item to the News Weblog that links to the release as well.

By Chris Snyder on July 21, 2002 at 6:05pm

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