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A minor update with two major feature additions: the ability to move items around, and an expanded (and standardized) editorial interface.


You may now set the original date of a document or image arbitrarily, and it will override the creation timestamp on the object record as the main "created" date.

You may now move objects (and folders) into other folders via the new session Inventory. You pick up an object, move to the folder where you want to put it, and drop the object there. There should probably be some sort of locking mechanism on the object while you are carrying it around, but there's not.

Editors should now be able to quickly see publishing information on any item via the lightbulb icon, which is color- and shape-coded to communicate basic publishing info. Roll your mouse over the lightbulb to see specific info.

By Chris Snyder on July 21, 2002 at 6:42pm

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