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A minor update (damn, we're doing these once a week! sweet!) with improved listall contexts, for when you want to see all the documents or images in some folder that match certain criteria. Also added the ability to edit comments.


The listall context is completely revamped to find the number of items that match the indicated criteria (like "all public documents created after June 26, 2002 with rank greater than 500 by psydeshow") and display them in pages of an arbitrary length (10 items by default).

This is pretty handy, and not just for looking up every document in the site. The listall context will serve as the basis for displaying search results and as a "show me everything" alternative to the indexes. This is already in place on the document-index-anonymous-html context with a link that shows archived documents in the current folder.

Documents now list their total number of comments-- this is the number of comments that will displayed at the current role, so editors might see a different total than anonymouses.

Got rid of author's name on create-- leave it blank to make yourself the author. I still need to indicate this option on the form, however.

And to make mirroring easier, cgi tags (like ?method=view&counter=2) have been removed from anonymous templates. You don't need to care why this is important, just know that with this release it is pretty easy to mirror the public-anonymous view of any berylium folder(s) if you can run wget commands on the remote server. This will be documented shortly, as soon as I know that it works!

Next step will be to perform those wgets locally into a cache and then ftp them to the remote site, making sure that files that haven't changed are ignored.

By Chris Snyder on July 27, 2002 at 12:32pm

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