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Uplink Mania!

Announcing the release of Berylium-2003-04-30 complete with two new classes of objects: subscriptions and uplinks.

Subscriptions are unimplemented yet in vanilla Berylium, but I needed them for another project and so here they are, like seeds planted in the ground and ready to sprout into the generic contexts. Or something. I've been thinking about implementing an internal mailserver, so subscriptions are only half the picture-- you also need something to send. More on that soon.

Uplinks are a whole new way to syndicate content, nothing short of revolutionary, at least as far as I'm concerned. An uplink (like a satellite uplink, which tv networks use to distribute footage) is a set of weblog settings, and allows berylium to become a blogging client. If you want to publish an article somewhere else (that links back to the original) you click "uplink", chose where you want to publish it to, and click "continue". Bing->zip, the title, description, and a link back to the full document are published to your Blog, or LiveJournal, or another Berylium site, or Moveable Type, or... you get the idea.

By Chris Snyder on April 30, 2003 at 10:17pm

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