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Berylium 2.0.1 -- A Roundup

As if the todo list implied by Berylium 2.0 wasn't enough, I've gone and written up some additional thoughts for the next version, based on researching the Semantic Web and becoming more familiar with the W3C's vision of the web, to which I tend to subscribe.

If you have been following Berylium development at all, you may find Top 10 Things That Will Be Addressed in Berylium interesting.

Just to summarize the Top 10 here (there's a bonus number 11 on the article):
  1. Rendering optimization
  2. W3C Conformance
  3. RDF fluency
  4. Creative Commons license (and metadata) support
  5. Separate Comments server
  6. Links discover their own RDF, and optionally display contents
  7. Prettier debug
  8. Slideshows and Freeform object layout
  9. Many-object methods and other editorial enhancements
  10. List enhancements
Add this to the list in Berylium 2.0:
  1. Layered interface, see note about editorial interface enhancements
  2. Easier site customization
  3. Audio-visual objects and playlists
  4. New BML/CBML tags (random and list)
  5. File Objects
  6. Locks and Keys
  7. Role/Policy reform
Well, that all sounds about as ambitious as Body and Shine 2002. So we'll see, this time next year, right?

By Chris Snyder on February 12, 2003 at 11:34pm

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